18 februari 2010

Rain rain rain....

I am completely fed up with the rain..it is raining for weeks now, they say it hasn´t been this bad since 50 years.... great....

Well, enough time to work on new ideas, make the custom orders and try new things ;-)

Here are some custom orders i finished lately:
A princess tea party painting...A purple birdie painting for a baby that will be born in june...with lots of glitter, which will give the new nursery some sparkles...
And a painting with 4 kids on it, made with matching haircolor and style, for their mommy...sweet !
Also lots of Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Decoration...seems like a popular theme for birthdays lately ;-))
So, off to make some more...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Allemaal super cute! Ik ben de regen ook aardig zat...maar het geeft inderdaad wel meer tijd voor creativiteit toch? Als het zo heet is doen ik altijd veel minder op dat gebied!
    X Floortje

  2. Wow, Nan - THANK YOU for sharing those with us all!!! =)

    They are FABULOUS!!!!!



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