04 februari 2010

New blog function added !

Hi All !
I came across a post somewhere explaining how to add your Etsy items on your blog, ready to buy....
Super handy... so i added it !
On the right side on the top of my blog page...you can see all items with the ¨buy¨ function...
I have been very busy lately with all kinds of custom orders... Love it !!
There really seems to be a Yo Gabba Gabba hype going on at the moment !
Here are some of my Yo Gabba Gabba creations...I recently started making all kinds of party decoration as well... all kind of themes, styles etc..
Everything handpainted...
And the customer can choose everything, style, size, shape, colors, details, wording etc etc....
Available to order for example...
cupcake toppers, all kind of shapes and sticks
centerpieces, all kind of shapes
banners in 1 piece, with ribbons or rod pockets for hanging
banner-garlands, all kind of shapes, shapes attached with ribbons and or tule
party hats, crowns etc.
party favors

More new items available as well, on request, like hairbow holders, tooth fairy canvas doorhangers, handpainted mirrors, picture frame, memory and coark boards and lots more !
I will try to post more often new blog posts, really...promised !!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my goodness, your work is absolutely adorable! Precious!

    Thank you for sharing with us all! =)


  2. Hi! I've been ADORING ALL of your creations on Etsy! LOVE THEM ALL!
    So, i saw this photo today on Cute Overload & I thought YOU have GOT to see this!
    It reminds me of the little birdies you paint...
    Ok, it won't allow me to cut & paste the link here, but it's today's CuteOverload.com & it's called "The Impossibirds"... so sweet!


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