26 februari 2010

Some new creations...

Hi All

Finally the weather is a little bit better... the rain stopped...
But what a week..pfff

Part of the hill came down because of the rain, sliding through our fence, the dogs escaped so i had to walk through the enormous mud up the high hill to try to get the dog...and therefor i also missed my dance lessons ( yes...really....recently i started with dancing sevillianas dancing in the village, and i LOVE it !! )
My hubby was diagnosed with Gota ( no idea how it is called in english, in dutch it is jicht ) so he could not walk...
I was diagnosed with large inflamations in my eyes, i have had pain in my eyes, and visibility problem since the explosion...so i finally went to let my eyes checked in the hospital... LOL
And on top of that our little boy got bronchitis... we had to go to the hospital because he had so much troubles breathing....so they gave us ventolin to puff for him...he had some terrible days where a couple of times he scared us a lot, but finally he is doing a little better as well...

But, also some nice things ;-)
The kids didnt had school this week, so no rushing hour to get them to school in the mornings.
I have had some time in between all the hospital visits to work on some new projects...
The weather is a little bit better now !
The fence has been repeared yesterday
I have bought the nicest babylegs for my son on internet, cannot wait to pick them up at the postoffice
We have got some great new dvd´s we are planning to see
I have been crafting with my daughter, which she loves a lot...
Okay, yesterday i bought her new scissors, pencils etc, and last night i found some of her hair on the floor in her room....;-(( This is really something she keeps doing from time to time...i prefer she cuts the hair from the doll instead of her own :-( But Okay...she loves crafting....and i love it that she loves it...And it has to be said, she can draw really good !! ( prood mommy )

I have finished some new projects, hairclippies, brooches, a pillow and a plush !
Here are some of my creations...
Now available in my store, and i also make custom request, so other colors, sizes, details, other animals, or themes etc, everything is possible.
I will be making some more of these plushies and pillows in the coming period...

I think they turned out really cute!

So...now i am looking for some special gifts for Rafa, he will be turning 1 in april, and i want to give him some special gifts... ofcourse i will make something for him as well...but i love surfing the internet looking for new shops, great crafters and special gifts....

Have a great weekend !

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  1. I hope all of you feel better soon! Your new creations are amazing! I'm very jealous of your sewing skills but it's wonderful to meet another artist.

  2. Thanks so much, that is very sweet of you !
    I love to meet other artist and see their work as well ;-))


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