01 juli 2010

What is on my desk....... ??

I received this question from Capricus ... What is on your desk....what are you working on ?
Well..... i have bought some new fabrics which i have made and will make things of....
Than, i went to the market, and bought some fabric for an order, i have to make a wedding sash and flower for someone....like in my store ....

So here i will be working on first thing tomorrow as soon as i know which fabric she picks....

And last but not least i run into some cute thread....i couldn´t resist it, so i had to buy it.... waiting to be used for a new idea i have ;-))

So....this is what you can find right now on my desk..... And now i will ask this question to : ZoMooiZoHip


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat heb je veel leuke dingen op je naaitafel! Als je daar niet geïnspireerd van raakt!

    Ik vind je blog erg leuk! Ik ga je volgen!

  2. dank je wel en leuk dat je mijn blog komt volgen !

  3. Love the fabric, especially the two pieces on the right. Cool pattern and colors. The thread looks fun too, it would be hard to resist.
    -Hotcakes on SB

  4. yeah, those 2 are my favorite too, and they are great to sew with!


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