01 juli 2010

Something new.....something good smelling.....and more more more....

I love , love , love......lavender !!!
The beautiful colors and the smell.....hmmmmmm.....

So a while ago i ordered some really good lavender and now i have made some lovely lavender sachets.....

This is how the first ones look like....what do you think ?

I just love words...and also a little vintage accent...so that is why i came up with words and birds and crowns....
I think they turned out cute.... Going to make lots more in the coming period !

I also constantly need more storage solutions...recognize this ?
So i thought time to be inventive....

I took a pringles box.... and started decorating....
This is the endresult :Jayyyy !!! New storage for my buttons !!
Now i need to eat more of it, so i can make more of these cute storage boxes ;-))))


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke zakjes! :D En die pringlesbus is echt slim bedacht!

  2. I love the cherry sachet but I love the sentiment 'live, laugh, love' on the other one. And since I don't have time to leave another separate comment, your sewing room is so sweet, pretty and charming!

  3. Great fabric is thah hey with the cherries ;-) Love it too!


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