27 juni 2010

Wooohooooo finally something for the little boys !!

Do you also find it harder to shop for (little) boys than for little girls ? I don´t know what it is, but when i am on the hunt for my little boy it just seems like there is almost nothing for him....

And than shopping for a new baby boys mommie, for a shower gift......pfffffff.....girls no problem...but for those little man....a nightmare.....

That is why i decided to make Necktie Onesies...i think they are so cute, and that every little boy should have one !

I had finished them a while ago...and okay...finally i have made pictures of the onesies .. i am not completely satisfied with the pictures, but okay...i just want to list them, so i will make better pictures soon.

Who knows ... maybe with my little boy wearing them as a model ( at least when he is willing to cooperate with me that means ;-))
And as always... i can also make them with different fabrics, with or without sleeves, other sizes etc....

I think they turned out really cute! Imagine... for a birthday, a wedding, a party, to church, or just like a cool little man on a summer day.... and how about giving them to a new mom as a shower gift....

My little boy has got one too, and when people see him in it i always here OOOOHHH´s and AHHHHH´s ;-))

Curious ? Here you can see some.... ( the rest you can see in my shop ;-)

And since i just love to make these onesies, i will make more in the coming period, with different kind of appliques....maybe for the little girls as well ;-))

Talk to you soon and have a great sunday !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een wijze rompers!!!
    Erg leuke blog, wat maak je mooie dingen!
    Ik ga je volgen!

    Groetjes Tamara.

  2. Geweldige foto's!
    Ik heb je trouwens een virtueel estafette stokje doorgegeven :) (zie mijn Blog)

    Tot ziens op CraftySwapForum ;)

  3. Ha ha, clever and cute. Great Idea.
    -Hotcakes on SB


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