24 juni 2010

New Pouches...

Last wednesday it was the last school day.... summer holiday has started !
That means 3 months no school, no need to hurry in the mornings.... Jay !

In the meantime i have made some new pouches for my store... some gifts... some magnets, covered buttons and more....

Here are 2 of the pouches i have made and listed .... a cute summer pouch and a big purse in vintage chic style...
Got a lot of things planned to make but probably not a lot the coming week ... first i got 3 kids with chicken pocks...than the litthe one with an ear infection...and now he has got a virual infection...great .. since it is highly contageous... :-((
Hopefully the other kids wont get it... the little one has got a lot of pain, won´t eat and sleep ( and so don´t we ;-) . ... well fingers crossed !


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  1. Leuk die tasjes vooral die eerste, leuk model en stofje. Beterschap voor de kids gewenst is wat 3 kinderen tegelijk met waterpokken. En een oorontsteking voor zo'n klein ventje ook niet fijn.Hopelijk knappen ze snel weer op.


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