16 augustus 2010

Some blogs and more...

Saterday i went with a friend to someone who was selling biscuit ceramic... i have bought some pieces, some coasters, a plate, a bowl and some other things... I can not wait to try it out and start with it !!

In the meantime i am looking for some inspiration ... and found this beautiful pictures...

Some very different styles... but i think they are lovely .... Now i only have to make my mind up ;-)

Also i participated in a swap on swapbot where you had to visit some blogs, follow them etc....
I always love those kind of swaps because you really discover some great blogs to follow!
Here are the ones i visited...come and have a look too...

Faith hope love
Kelly´s Place
Mad about pink
Just add water, silly
I dont care if mondays blue
Cricut critter
she loves baking
ms. lovender

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  1. Ik heb je PIF-je vandaag ontvangen. Bedankt! Ik heb er een fotootje van op m'n blog gezet, dan kan iedereen meegenieten :) Afgelopen zaterdag is die van jou op de bus gedaan, laat je weten wanneer ie door de bus valt?


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