18 juli 2010


Today it is sunday.... i love sundays... lazy sunday mornings, the kids in their pyamas , watching television, making pictures... I am always checking out some new blogposts from blogs i follow....

And sometimes we are going to the market... a nice little market with second hand stuff, but also with a little stand with craft supplies.... I say little...because i never discovered a craft supply store here in Spain... Beads yes.... a little bit of fabric ...yes....but the big craft stores like for example in Holland...no.... have not found them yet...

But okay...back to that stand... they sell stamps...and i love stamps ! So every time when i am there i just have to check them out ( and buy one ofcourse ;-)

 I love to use stamps....and i love Holland ... so when i saw this giveaway, i just had to enter.... you can win a clearstamp set from dutch houses, how cute is that !

I just need to have them !!


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  1. Thanks for the posting on the stamps. i"m going to check it out. You make cute things. I"m following on here. Would love if you followed on mine. I"ll heart your etsy shop too.

    Coleen, Swap-bot, check out my blog

  2. You also have a lovely blog ! Following you too !

  3. Hoi, ik had de give away via jou gevonden ;-). Geen idee
    van wie ze echt zijn. Heb al even met google gezocht, maar niks gevonden.

  4. oh whahahaha.... naja, misschien komen we er nog achter ;-))

  5. ooh, those are soo cute, thanks for posting to let us know about the giveaway! will check it out! also, I'm now following your blog :).

  6. That sounds like a great weekend! These stamps are really really cute! You have a fantastic blog! I'm from the blogger swap on swap-bot and will be putting a link to your adorable blog in a new post soon. -->Oliviarrow on swap-bot.

  7. Ooh, I agree - those are very need-to-have. :)

    ~TallysTreasury from swap-bot


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