11 maart 2010

Would you like more exposure for your shop ?

Spring and summer are coming and so are the craftshows !

This would be the perfect way to promote your shop and reach lots of potential customers in Europe you otherwise wouldn´t have.

A great way to spread the word about your shop and bring in some new sales, after all, these people are allready out looking to shop!

I would love to spread the word about Etsy´s wonderful sellers to my customers and those who stop by my booth.

I plan on giving goodiebags with samples, promotionals items, cards etc....

I am looking for any type of promotional items - samples of your product, keychains, soaps, scents, make up, childrens items, cards, crayons, brooches, pencils and whatever you all are making !

I would rather have something than just business cards alone, so they can ¨feel¨ and ¨see¨ Etsy ... but don´t forget to include your cards, because after all they need to know who made all these great things !

If you are interested please send me a private : message misspolkadot@live.nl

I am sooooo exited to make wonderful goodie bags to show of all your Etsy Items ! I think i will include these in the baggies... will make some more ofcourse...but thought this would look bright and cute in it....

I have also decided to start with reviewing items, and featuring those shops on this blog...so if you are interesed ... just send me a message !

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