03 augustus 2009

Yes yes.....i am featured again....and more...

Hello everyone...

I have been featured a lot last week...check it out on the right site of my blog, under favorite links...
And today i have been features again...by Indiespotting...this time my pearly silver necklace...you know..the one that i posted on this blog earlier...


It is one of my favorites....and actually i didn't want to list it in my shop, because i like this one to keep for myself..... ;-)

I need to keep my posting small...since i have had an operation on my wrist...so i need to type with 1 hand... and cannot craft at this time :-(( Hopefully all is soon back to normal over here...

My baby boy doesn't have his week...he is now almost
4 months ( the 10th ) and normally he is very easy going...but last week..pffff....he didn't want to do anything..he only wants to be with me on my lap...not laying down...but today finally things were a little bit better ... he enjoyed playing with his toys and blankies...and did a good nappie... Hoerraaaaaaaaa ( as we say it in Dutch ;-)

Also found some nice nursery / kids rooms on internet..great for some inspiration, love the colors...

Since i can not sit still, i will try to paint tonight...i am going to make a painting for my brother and sister in law, who are going to get married in september...
And i also need to make 2 paintings, for my 2 nephews..to match their rooms...

OH.. and today finally ...i received my custom made stamps !! This must be my lucky day ;-)))
Now i am only waiting for the first sale on my Etsy site !!!

Today i lowered the prices from my jewelry in my Etsy shop...so feel free to check it out ;-))))


By the way...don't forget the giveaway...it is ending the 8th of august...so you have only this week left to enter...and entering is soooo easy.... I will be selecting 2 winners.... !!

Lil' Miss Polkadot

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  1. That is a great room!! Could be boy or girl. Hope you get all your paintings done! Have fun!!

  2. how awesome about being featured!!! and i know what you mean about your baby... my mini is almost exactly the same age and is doing the same thing!!! good luck getting your painting done!

    xo muffin

  3. That is so great!! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and visiting my blog!

  4. Wow, that first room is so fabulous. What unexpected colors that totally work!


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