18 juli 2009


My first post on my new blog. Wow how exciting!
Here's my first attempt to share my work with all off you ...

I normally spend a lot of my spare time on crafting. I like working with bright colors. Most of the items I make are childrens room decorations. I love painting, beading, and working with fabric etc.
Anyway, inspired by other blogs i read, I decided to create my own blog। And i am also selling my creations...as i do not have a craft room, and way too many creations ;-S

For all of you that are interested in purchasing items you see on my blog, just send me an email (misspolkadot@live.nl) and I'll get back to you with more information and details. A lot of my work can be personalized and i also do custom orders!
I hope you'll keep following my blog....have fun !!

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  1. you have some very cute items in your Etsy shop. I love the princess paintings and the green necklace! Let me know if you want to sponsor a giveaway on my blog and get some shoppers looking at your items. :)



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