27 juli 2009

Promotion and BOGO sale ( buy one, get one )

Hi everyone....

The last couple of days i am really busy promoting my blog, twitter and Etsy Store.... what a nice stores i came across...!

I decided to promote my Dreambeads with a BOGO sale....so if you buy one, you will get one smaller one for free.

You can check out my Etsy Store for my items : http://www.lilmisspolkadot.etsy.com

Thursday i need to go to the hospital for my wrist...so tonight, tuesday and w-day i will make some more items for my store...always nice to keep the store fresh and updated ...So let the buyers come ;-)

I also ordered some nice stamps for my store...i am so curious how they will look! Need to be patient though.... argh...something i am not always good at ...

Last weekend we went to the beach...my little one loved it...was sleeping, laughing and looking around...what an ideal and easy little boy he is !! And my other 2 jewels were playing in the sand, swimming, asking for some cookies and chips ( ofcourse ;-)....Dad was standing beside them.....a picture to remember ( unfortunately i didn't had my camera with me ! )
My family still is the most precious thing in life.....

How blessed am i !!

Hopefully tomorrow some new things to show off ;-)


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  1. You are blessed :) Sounds like a wonderful afternoon! Hope your wrist is better.

  2. Love your Blog looks fantastic!

    I have been doing the same trying to promote my blog etc...Its hard work lol


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